It is the worst dating site I have ever been on. You get sent supposedly matches generated by them based on your profile and write-up of yourself.

These matches stay there forever.

and not one of them contacts you. You will get the odd "smile" as if that person is interested and even if you "smile" back, no-one contacts you.

You sit staring at the screen as there is no way of determining if anyone is online.

There is not even a search facility to enable you search for people yourself.

I do not believe the people they put down as your "matches", have "visited" your profile, are "new" or even smiled at you actually exist. If they ever did, I do not believe they are actually current members.

It is a scam.

Please do not bother paying or subscribing to them. Waste of time, effort and more especially money.

User's recommendation: Stay clear. Hold onto your money. There are much better sites to waste it on.

Silver Singles Cons: Not genuine people on the site.

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