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How to get my money back

I only been online for 4 days and I have a Subscription for three months and I dont want to continue with this

3 answers
Your server won’t download to my phone. Unless this can be corrected cancel my subscription forthwith. Hovemanc@***.com
Please contact me re my cancellation email wanting refund asap Jo Le Breton UK. 07535 70* ***. Date 14.7.20

According to the Silver Singles Help page, you can switch off the automatic renewal of your Premium membership by accessing online cancellation form on the company website.
Once you have logged into your profile, please follow the steps:
  • Navigate to My Account via the menu and Membership;
  • Select the cancellation link "Cancel";
  • Select your cancellation reason and click Continue;
  • Enter your password and click Confirm.
If you purchased via the app and wish to cancel, you may cancel via your Apple App Store account or your Google Play account.
If you see "Your cancellation is not yet completed", you should contact Silver Singles Customer Care via their support form to finalize the cancellation and ask for a refund.
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How can I cancel EVERYTHING and get my refund?

I signed up, had buyer's remorse. Too soon after a breakup.

Tried to go through the normal channels for a refund to no avail. I cannot access ANYTHING from the website.

I want it ALL canceled, it's only 3 days. I want my money back and my profile deleted, subscription canceled immediately.

1 answer
According to the Silver Singles help section, you should be able to request a refund via the support form at
If you purchased your subscription via the app, you should contact Apple App Store or Google Play for a refund.

Your server isn’t downloading

by Shay

When I try and reply to an interested party I get a blank page.

0 answers

How do I cancel my membership?

by Cynthia S

0 answers

How can I get a refund?

I haven’t seen any new men since a week after I signed up. Website is very difficult to maneuver—cannot edit, continuously says “in review”. So many men do not have any pics and I will not correspond with someone who has no picture.

1 answer
According to Silver Singles refund policy the right to withdraw from your contract is valid for 3 days after the initial purchase of your subscription. If you have started using the paying service, for example, by sending messages, the right to revoke your contract expires. Please contact Silver Singles Customer Care team to request a refund. You may reach them via contact form on their help page.

How do I get only matches that match my requirements

by Moselle

I get matches outside of my age limit and distance request. I also do not want to get matches without a photo and do anyway. So basically, completing the profile request does absolutely nothing

0 answers

Change dating preference

I want to change

my online dating women

1 answer
I DO NOT wan to change. I CAN NO LONGER Access an existing account! Cannot I - Simply call someone ...only? Now? Whoa!!!

close my account via phone

I set my account up on my cell phone. I want to close my account.

I was told I have to do that on a computer. I do not have a computer at my home.

Is there anyway that I can close my phone via my phone or can you do it for me. Thankyou Dolores Tomanek

1 answer
IDO NOT want to close my lovelv SS account, Ms. Dolores. I rebooted, lost sign-in access, and would merely like it restored, N/C. 651 271 ****. Thank you.
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