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I wanted to sign up for silver singles and after doing some home work found out on the web site that don't exist anymore and I was wondering did our time take over . I was with our time as wasn't happen with the site and was searching around for another site and came across silver singles and was happy with the thorough check that do and decided to go with this site .

I hope to get some information soon as if they still exist anymore . I went threw other dating sites and did not have any success so I'm hoping this is a better dating site .

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A very lousy dating site. Paid my membership for 3 months, a few days later, when I wanted to access my account, but was, pop up message kept saying my email address didn't exist.

Call Customer Care, the guy was very rude but agreed to delete my account and refund my money. However, I couldn't trust the rude technical support guy, who identified himself as Mark Johnson Junior III, so I called up my bank to stop payment and change my credit card.

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